About Us

LB silks is synonymous with the rich weaving silk heritage of Tamil Nadu, the exotic state in South India. Today LB silks has become distinctiveness of authenticity and assured high quality to the consumers in India.

LB Silk's has been in the "Silk Industries" for the last two decades. We weave silk sarees with high quality soft & fine silk threads. Usually, there is 30% to 40% of silver & gold thread touch in a genuine kanchipuram silk saree. We guarantee that we keep up the same quality. Our silk sarees are made of best art works with the help of our own devoted designers & weavers. We have our own looms to manufacture the Sarees, which makes us possibly giving utmost care to the unique and intricate design of sarees. We do supply sarees on bulk orders too. Customer and weaver inputs coupled with our own intuition is what keeps us in tune and trend with the times.

The brand "Ishwariya Silk Sarees" is our unique make. We take all pride in asserting the world's beauty "Mrs.Ishwarya Bachan " herself has tried the unique brand of LB silks during her wedding ceremonies.

LB silks focus on exclusivity in a variety of contemporary silk collection for its esteemed clientele and all the silk sarees will be the blend of the old traditions and the new designs. LB silks will go on with the expanded view for exploring every new horizon of marketing during upcoming years.

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